NARA is not limited to anyone…

Journal of the the role of journalism in democracy. Journalistes Feel that such journalism is a breath, and the lives of the family are at risk of disrupting the society and working for the establishment of a society, Journalists are struggling with financially professionally and are constantly fighting for community well-being. Such journalists have been given a nominal number of Enforcement from the term of government.

The National Active Reporters Association (NARA) is continuously working as a welfare protection for journalists. National Active Reporters Association (NARA) on Journalists issues NARA continues to struggle continuously.

The National Active Reporters Association (NARA) will set up a number of Committees on the NARA and work as a bridge to governments and to make the effort to solve the problems.

Small newspaper wing, youth wing,. Women’s wing, accreditation wing, Rti wing, legal wing, study wing, Real confirmation wing, human rights wing, Survey wing, action wing, film & TV industry wing, audit wing, National active Reporters Association (NARA) in the form of various committees is continuously fighting of the issues and aims to see the light in their lives.

The National Active Reporters Association (NARA) has raised for some demands on Journalists’ issues:

1. For Journalist should set up a corporation and journalists should be give financial assurance.

2. The Prevention of Attack on Journalists should be set up by the Preventive committee and the Special Act.

3. The pillars of Journalism ( accuracy, fairness & objectively ) are among the Major Ethical consideration for those who work in the news industry additionally there are ongoing debates over bias, objectively, favoritism and a number of other ethical issues

4. To encourage small papers & magazines, Governments should encourage funds in the budget

5. Regardless of the state governments, the journalists should be brought under the jurisdiction of the Government of India

6. Journalists should provide special reservation for children in education jobs and competitive exams

7. Special welfare schemes for the families of Journalists should be established .

8. Retirement Journalists for senior Journalists to provide Provide Pension with Employment Guarantee.

9. Establishment of at least one Journalist hospital for the districts and ensuring free health services to journalists to ensure their families.

10. Journalists across the country must give an unlimited amount of Unlimited health card

11. At least one district should be set up by a journalist police cell and special courts to complete their case in timely manner with their precious time.

12. In the field of education Journalism should be given a chapter from sixth class to post graduate.

13. Cameras, Mobile phones, Laptops, two wheeler vehicles provide subsidized financial aid to various goods for poor journalists.

14. Free education should be provided to the KG-to-PG in the field of Private Education for journalist childrens.

15. Journalism should be established in the university and encouraged Journalism roots.

16. Allow all the Journalists to provide free travel facility by providing railway and bus passes without any accreditation.

17. Provide Health Cards and Risk Insurance to all Journalists irrespective of Accreditation.

18. All Journalists should provide free toll plaza facility on state and national highways.

19. Journalists must carry out the tough laws with the non bailable warrant against the attacks and stop the attacks

20. The working Journalists should complete the class of houses declared by the government by allotting the places for allotment to irrespective of the accreditation.

21. Regardless of the academicity, the seniority must be recognized and accorded with accreditation approval.

22. At least 30 percent of the advertisements to the big papers, magazines in the state government should be allocated to smaller papers & magazines.

23. The space for small papers & magazines ownership offices should be allocated.

24. Journalists are usually required to provide the accidental death of a deceased 15 lakh insurance policy.

25. Printing press for small papers & magazines should allocated space for it.

26. The National Active Reporters Association (NARA) should provide a part in all governmental committees that the government has provided.

27. The government should allocate free space for the office of National Active Reporters Association (NARA)

28. The government should take stringent measures to ensure that 2000 honorary wages are paid every working day for all working journalists.

The government demanding that the government take decisive action, can do justice for the journalists by taking appropriate actions. On the above demands.

Give Freedom of expression for the freedom of journalists rights.

B. Surendra babu

National President

National Active Reporters Association (NARA)