1. To raise the status of members of the professionion of journalism.4.Aims and Objectives of the Association:

2. To promote a spirit of cooperation and understanding among working journalists.

3. To work for and promote legislation for the welfare of working journalists.

4. To promote and maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and integrity.

5. To secure facility of training of journalists on a country-wide basis and for periodic exchanges of journalists abroad.

6. To strive for the betterment of working conditions of journalists, specially salary, tenure office and conditions of service and for prevention of socially unrelated automation.

7. To promote amenities for recreation and scope for social and cultural activities.

8. To build up and administer funds for the provision of legal aid, unemployment, retirement and death benefits of an allied nature.

9. To publish official journal(s).

10. To conduct the affairs of the Association and its constituent units on professional lines and to forge organic links with like-minded organizations of newspaper employees.

11. To secure representation of the Association on national and international organizations and develop friendly contacts with them.

12. To strive for freedom of the Press.

13. To Promote and coordinate study and research in the field of Journalism.

14. To organize or to hold training courses, Workshops, seminars, Consultancy services and Exhibitions in association with organization of Working Journalists, Newspaper Managements, Universities and other Academic and Professional Organizations etc.