Financial resources for designing systems with collective effort

Together with the collective efforts of NARA Union, the financial resources for the management of the Union have been worked out. The main purpose of this program is to allow donations from donors only to the extent necessary for the undertaking. It is forbidden for anyone to charge freely in the name of union activities.

Financial resources must be procured and mobilized only at the behest of the leadership. Union leaders will have to spend a portion of the money on the maintenance of the program, with the proceeds going to the members through membership fees. As part of this, the union’s national president Mr. Bandi Surendra Babu is already utilizing the bulk of the revenue generated by his media unit for the welfare of the members.

The aim of the union is to collect donations from donors who are attracted to the union’s work, and to raise the proceeds from the financially able leaders. To this end, the national leadership wants donors to cooperate with the Nara Union to further the welfare of journalists. Similarly, not only those who are in the journalism profession, but also the different categories of RTI activists who are contributing to the journalism profession, are also requesting membership in their respective categories.

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