Members need to know the responsibilities

Union members are not the only ones acting responsibly. It is also important to remain members in accordance with the rules of the association. It is a fact that those who are merely aspiring for positions cannot remain members for long. That is why the Nara Union is what keeps such people away. It will continue to inform its members in the form of circulars from time to time. To this end, disciplinary action is mandatory if the leadership is concerned about incidents of violation of union regulations.

1.“Certified that the Association is formed with no profit motive and no commercial activities involved in its working”.

2.“Certified that the Bearers are not paid from the funds of the Association “

3.“Certified that the Association would not engage in agitation activities to ventilate to grievances”

4.“Certified that the Office Bearers’ signatures are genuine”.


We the undersigned persons in memo have formed into a association under Societies Registration Act 35 of 2001. And responsible to run the affairs of the and desirous of submitting Bye – Law Copy.

We the undersigned hereby certify that this is the correct copy of the Memorandum of Association